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Recently my materials were broken day by day,,, it’s soo sad, so I needed to got new materials.

As you know that is the best of happy moment that musicians share the new materials to the people, and with the words like ‘My new gear!’.

It’s of course happy for me as well but I bought so many things, so if I share to you so many things at once you gays may be embarrassed, and that is not I expected.

I just want to be happy with you all!

Well, I will introduce my materials which I got one by one.

( Actually I am trying to not neglect my blog, too )

( #Rather than it’s my major aim )

I was worried about it was too much…

But I was considered about what should I buy for 2 months. I don’t regret about it!

Yeah, I don’t regret about it….

Anyways, let’s go first thing. It’s the microphone from RØDE.

As you know RØDE is the one of the company which sales many microphones that we can buy in reasonable price.

This microphone is ‘Active Ribbon Microphone’, it’s a bit different from the condenser microphone.

It’s very difficult to explain for the difference even in Japanese, so I can tell you roughly, it can record our sound like very natural, warm, but it’s very sensitive, so we need to handle it very gently.

Maybe I will tell you about it more if I can tell you in English, because it’s very difficult to explain and I need to improve my English as well, haha.

Actually the guitars that I have has not so soft sound, so I wished that if I could record to those sound with more softly. That’s why I chose Active Ribbon Microphone this time.

I think this is suit for vocals recordings as well.

I will post next article with the video that recorded with this mic.

Stay tuned, See you next time!

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  1. mingming says:

    very good okapi

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