okapi’s Tour in south China 2017 vol.2 -Shenzhen-

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Hi, this is okapi !

I came back to Japan in safely. that was incredible 9days. I think the audience would had fun, and above all most important thing is we could made big friendship! I can say it ended in large success!

Thank you for invite me Mr.Li! And thank you for everything for all staff!

I will post articles for story of these tours in amusing way, please feel free to read them^^

By the way, if you have not read vol.1 yet, you can read from here!

And please note: I edited a bit for make article to easy to read, please understand it 🙂

Well, I introduce characters.

Karlijn Langendijk

She got awesome skill for playing guitar( no need to say ). Came from Netherland.

She cries when she laughs so hard. At the dinner I wrote in preview post, she asked me what to say “excuse me” in Chinese, and I answered to her it’s “QingWen”, then she kept saying “QingWen?”, “QingWen?” at every opportunity, then I decided to call her “Ms.QingWen”.

Sönke Meinen

He got awesome skill for playing guitar( no need to say, too ). Came from Germany.

And also has great skill for catching noodles with Chopstick. I fastened nickname to him without asking. He is “Chopstick Master”.


It’s me. Good looking guy who from Japan. Yeah I know, I’m sorry.


A awesome staff for translation.

She can speak Japanese, Germany, English, and Chinese.

She is a character. Very nice character. I’m really interested in her brain… 🙂

We can see her dancing when there are some good music around.(I like that)


We got ready to move to Shenzhen after finished workshop and concert at Haikou.

You can see it on map:

zoomed out….

A elegant morning of last day at Haikou..

Sexy shot!


Thank you, Haikou!!

We arrived at Shenzhen around 90min.

after arrived Shenzhen, Cassandra carried Baggage( me ).

…Well… then…. I worked very serious.LOL

And then, we went to instrument store where we will interviewed and workshops.

We found flyer of ours again, so we took picture in same pose as flyer.

In this case, it seems to no person in here who took it wrong way.

By the way, we realize that Sönke and I have our mutual friend. His name is Michał Szczęsny from Poland.

He is who organized my concert in Poland last year, and Sönke had same concert in this year.

Michał introduced me as “amazing guitarist from Japan” to Sönke….

Thank you Michał, I’m happy so much!!

Well, we decided to take picture of ours and show to him! We meet together and have gigs in China!

We decided posing like this:

In another angle.

Michał, can you see this picture?

The guitarists you invited to Poland…. are…. something like this…..LOL

Karlijn saw this scene and she said “okapi look so happy inspite of you’re slapped…”

I hope there’s no some misunderstanding with me….

By the way, I like Sönke cuz he plays with me LOL

After interview and workshop, we had lunch^^

Sönke is already first-class chopstick user. Look at his smug face.

The smug like drew in picture….

But we can see he screws noodles absolutely…

Well, I found mini-acoustic bass in this shop.

Fret-less bass! I really wanted to get it!

I guess I had the face with a wishful look….

Then, a man who looks like shop master said to me “Present for you!”, and passed it to me!!

Wait, really? Thank you I’m really happy but just waited and expected that words 🙂

I really appreciate it, thank you so much^^

I like the tone of this bass, and I’d like to use it on my stage!

After finished workshops and interview, we took picture!

Everyone posed in same posing of me, that was nice haha

Now, move to venue! We have gig tonight!!

I’m gonna use this bass in this stage!

…..a kind of cute, baby….( btw, brand name of this bass is “Natasha” )

Well,we started to our show!!

Karlijn went first!


Every time, her stage was awesome 🙂

I was impressed from her sound every stage!

Men who waiting for themselves stage^^

Look so high. lol

Next, me!


I’m so happy because I could see audiences was having fun!!

And cool guy, Sönke!


Their duo also badass, they played perfectly in sync! You two, amazing!

Session in encore.

This time I played bass!

Don’t you think this picture is nice? 🙂

We excited so much^^

Group photos after the show!

And a picture was sent to me after this stage.

I don’t know exact meaning, but I can imagine.

Also, I can imagine this picture will use in some commercial. I turned off display of my iPhone quietly for now…

The scene at dinner after concert.

I was drinking beer.

This day, man who is friend of Cassandra came to our concert.

His name is Marcos, Spanish. He also can speak English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. what the hell have they ate for speaking many languages such well. 


He said “Ma-ma-ma-mah” when he fill beer to my grass. I guessed quickly the meanings of that, I received beer with saying “OTTOTTOTTO“.

He is interested in Japanese culture, so he knows about Japan a lot.

Sönke found our exchange conversation, then he said

What is the meaning of that conversation?

This is something like Japanese traditional conversation. When You serve beer to someone, you must say “Ma-ma-ma-mah

What the meaning is it?

Ma-ma-ma-mah” means like “You should drink more”, “OTTOTTOTTO” means … difficult a bit, means “it could be spilled out!” or “Can’t drink anymore!”

I see, it’s kind of cute

… so, let’s put in practice.



Look at his lips puckered up. Just perfect.

I felt so funny that there are no Japanese in this conversation.

From this day, Sönke said “OTTOTTOTTO” sometimes in a sudden. it was cute haha

Well, for Karlijn, she said she learned Japanese a bit when she was teenager.

This is when we walked on night street:

I had learned Japanese a bit when I was young.

oh really? what made you to study Japanese?

You’re 11 years younger than me….now still young…(envy)

when I was teenager I was a fun of Japanese band, so I started to study Japanese. But it was so difficult, then I quit soon..

haha nice! do you remember something in Japanese?

Of course.

What kind of words comes up..

WA…WA…. what? WASA..?  WASABI・・WA・・

may…be…. is it WATASHI? (means ” I, me “)

That’s it!!!

You said WASABI!




All the people laughed out louder.

But the thing I still don’t understand is Karlijn started to call me “Mr. WASABI” from this moment.

I’m sure I just corrected her. She got wrong, then I thought ” YOU SHOULD CALLED Ms.WASABI! ” but just kept it in my heart.

After laughed too much, Karlijn started to cry. I’m sure you must ate WASABI too much.

That was so funny day^^

It was so nice at Shenzhen!

Oh, well, don’t you want to listen to Karlijn and Sönke’s duo?

Now I share YouTube movie of theirs. I love it!

Don’t you think they are so amazing?

I’m loving’ it!

Next article is about tour in Guangzhou.

Thank you for reading!

Please looking forward next post!

←vol.1 is here

vol.3→ coming soon…

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