okapi’s Tour in south China 2017 vol.1 -Haikou-

種別: diary

言語 / Language:

Hi, this is okapi.

I’m coming to Haikou, located south China to have gigs.

you can see where is Haikou on the map here, sorry it’s Japanese mainly.

and this place almost …no, totally resort!


I had many trouble to come to here, then I enjoyed this resort a lot alone! haha

Then, it’s first day to come to Hainan. finally we met together! and having a lunch^^

four guitarists from person who wear pink shirt on right side,

Henry Chen (China), okapi (Japan), Sönke Meinen (Germany), Karlijn Langendijk (Netherland). Collaboration of guitarists from 4 countries!

and staff. I really enjoyed with awesome works of these staff, thank you so much!

In workshop, I told about how to play guitar to move someone’s heart and something similar this kind of stuff, but they only want to how to hit guitar instead…then I told them to how to hit (or maybe how to destroy) their guitar a long time. ^^;

after that I asked to them ‘ do you have any question?’, then some children came up with some question about Anime in Japan right away.

I think.. Japanese Anime becomes the bridge between our countries more than music….LOL

Hope to Japanese Anime to stop the war seriously haha!

I played one song from Anime (studio Ghibli’s song), children got changed their expression brighter^^

good smile boy, glow up excellent adult like okapi.


after finished workshop, photo with Mr.Lee as host this tour.

I worked well 🙂 LOL

and took a commemorative photo with all of them!

I did pause like Buddha. hope to be popular this style. haha

after that we had dinner!

how is this? look so delicious!



btw, I really like them, especially the way how to use chopsticks.

I know it’s very hard to handle it, and most difficult scene is eating noodles.

Noodles are still difficult for us. It’s seems to alive.
yeah, because they always run away from our chopsticks.
really? then how do you fix it?

Then he started to grab their chopsticks, and started to screwing.

I got them.

How pure eyes he has…

Yeah the way eat Spaghetti.
Yes, this is Italian style.
I guess this is awesome idea! ( look so cute.. )
I have different style. it’s same way to curl my hair.
OK please show your style

and she failed, the hair got tangled up then she lough out.LOL

Hey, do you need a dryer..?
Yes, please….

We enjoyed something like fancy talking for a while…


Well next day. we moved to venue!

And we found big signboard of ours.

After this, we told that let’s take another picture that to take same pose as signboard.

I guess one person took it wrong way but it doesn’t matter because this is something like funny LOL

Our staff bought to us Coconuts!

I thought these are something like ball and I posed like the shot-put with a joke, they did with me so I was so happy!

Then now we start for concert! Karlijn went first.

and she played with Sönke.

Two of them were great or what? just badass!

Seriously I thought what the hell have they ate for playing guitar such well? 

I will ask them tomorrow directly.

After her, my stage.



I  upload many pics because of it’s my stage haha.

That was really nice time!

I remember I thought os stage ‘I wag good for alive, good for doing music!’ from bottom of my life.

Now some of my new songs appeared so please look forward to my new songs are coming up!

Btw the materials I used are these:

Thank you for give me good sound every stage!

the cables from Kaminari Guitar’s cable, PickUps and Preamps from Enfini custom works, preamp named R-Zero Traveler QUATTRO (both of them are from Japan), reverb is Cathedral STEREO REVERB from electro-harmonix.

Then after break, Sönke started to his stage.

This mono-chrome pic is so cool.

Cool Sönke!

I did’t figure out what did he do with his hands so I pretended not to see his hands whole of his stage

And he called Karlijn to play in duo.

Last player was Henry.

His style was similar with me.

Then we got stage together.



We played Michal Jackson’s song! We had good time!!

Thank you all!!



After stage, players and our sponsors.

And they said that “your pose is funny every time, let’s take one more picture!

yeah, well, wanna say something but it’s doesn’t matter cuz they laughed at this pose..!!

BTW in another time I posed that stand on one foot and raise my hands high, I called this posing “pose of cranes”, but Karlijn pushed me out of photo. I guess she didn’t like that.

After the night, today is day-off.

We need take a rest with eating sweets…!

Thank you!

vol.2 is here ->

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