Asia Tour of okapi and Soenke vol.2

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Hi, everyone! it’s okapi whose guitar strings often to get tangled up!

This article is the follow-up of “Asia Tour of okapi and Soenke vol.1“.

Before I write this article, I will tell you about our tour schedule:

[ May ]

10th: I pick Sönke up at Haneda, and will go to Osaka in the night by my car [ <- we’re here ]

11st: concert in the night at Miia-cafeteria in Osaka

12nd: demo concert at SoundMesse in Osaka

13rd: concert in Korea

14th: going back to Japan

15th: off-day ( hanging around in Kyoto )

16th: going back to Tokyo and having rehearsal  for the main concert at May 20th in Tokyo( with Japanese Drums )

17th: basically off-day and having an interview for a Japanese web magazine

18th: off-day

19th: demo concert at the “Hand Crafted Guitar Festival” in Tokyo, reharsal in the evening for the 20th

20th: having our main concert in Tokyo

21st: Sönke goes back to Germany

After writing this down, I realised, it was a busy schedule for us! haha

OK, then let’s go to the next story!

follow-up story from previous story (10th May)

After we met at Haneda airport, we were on the way to my home, because I thought he got tired from the long trip.

But he kept his expression shine, although he was tired. We told each other about our favourite food, about family, and background for our music, and so on.

This is one scene of our communication.

What kind of food do you want to try in Japan?

I want to try everything in Japan!(Glitter eyes)

(T…    To much blight)

I’m really curious to try everything in Japan!(Glitter eyes)

(T…    To much blight)

Talking about food, I actually remembered something at that moment.

That was 2015, when I went to China, the content of the conversation of me and Eric (:the staff of China tour).

Person in right side is Eric. Never mind that I was too big. LOL

(I lost weight in this 3 years….)

He brought me to an Indian restaurant, and it was nice. there were many meals that I never tried before.

After the meal, we spent the night in Hotel in Beijing, and that was in the next morning, in my room.

What kind of food do you want to try in China?


Well…. Chinese…Food? I guess.

After I said so, Eric laughed out loud and he said,

What are you talking about okapi, the foods in China are all CHINESE FOOD!! HAHHAHAHAHA!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I pinched my pillow pretty strong to keep smiling, and repressed my desire to say ‘ What the hell, the restaurant you brought me was an INDIAN RESTAURANT!!! ‘ .

I remember the pain of biting my lip in frustration, and I decided to bring him to Japanese restaurant first strongly.

On the way to go my home, we went to Dolphin Guitars Tokyo to say hello to them.

And tried some guitars.

I realised what an awesome guitarist he is, even if he just tried a bit…

By the way, the guitar he played is Hiroyasu Matsui Guitars, if you wanna know, go to this link bellow.

Hiroyasu Matsui (松井 啓泰) : M-2 Cedar (w/Anthem SL Classical)

He asked to Mr.Matsushita, the shop master of Dolphin Guitars Tokyo, and Mr. Matsushita answered “It’s Hiroyasu Matsui”.

Actually Sönke went to Beijing before we met in first time, and he met another guitarist from Japan, Yuki Matsui.

Then Sönke said ” I remember, another guitarist from Japan I met in China, I guess his name is Matsui, too ”

After that Mr.Matsushita passed Sönke him bizcard with the words ” Nice to meet you, my name is Matsushita. “.

Sönke said ” Nice to meet you! ” with big smile,

and I didn’t miss out that he said in a small voice :

” Wow, there are many of ‘Matsu’ in Japan…

In the middle of this tour, another person showed up, and her name is ” Matsuo “.

That was so impressive that Sönke said ” Matsu, again… ” LOL

I will tell this story later haha

It was so much fun!! ^ ^

After this, we went to my home safely.

Driving there from Tokyo was around one hour, and we kept talking. We were full of energy.  🙂

Now, we got home!

It was so fortunate that he loves cats.

He got along with Rinsuke (my cat) as soon as he arrived to my home.

You can see it on Instagram, too 🙂

okapi the guitarmanさん(@okapico3)がシェアした投稿

His parents had 3 cats, and he’d lived with cats.

In the end part of our tour, we stayed at my home. And he sometimes told me that “Rinsuke visited my room and wanted to play‘, that was so hartwarming 🙂

And look at this photo, it’s like a showroom! Usualy I’m living in this room but nothing to see such a nice view, so envy..!

Even the Rice Steamer, the top of lived-in feeling, got motivated to look nice…

By the way, we are the guitarists,

we can’t stop to play guitar, so we forgot to take a rest. lol

Lets change the subject: I ordered my new guitar from Akira Acoustic, luthier from Japan, and he told me that the guitar I ordered was finished!

That was on May 9th – yeah you’re right, the day before Sönke came…

So, I went to pick my new baby up at his studio, and it took 2.5 hours to go to his studio from my home.

Our tour started from 10th, so I went to his studio in the night of 9th, and the guitar was made in 10 minutes before I arrived.

freshly prepared!!

It was still sooooo hot!

too hot!!

..So I needed to let it cool down before I ate. Otherwise I would have burned myself!!

This is my baby( so fresh )

With luthier of this guitar, Akira.

Afterwards I went to Enfini Custom Works (the studio that I always order my custom pickups) in the midnight (2 AM), and passed my new baby to him, and I would go to pick it up in the night of the next day. I was so sorry to ask him such an evil request, Oops☆

I really appreciate for that, thank you very much, EnfiniCustomWorks!

This photo was when I left my baby to him at night (2AM).

He is such a great repair man, look at his great collection of tools…

Well, the distance I drove in that day is:

Home => Akira’s Studio( 117 miles )

Akira’s Studio => Enfini’s Studio( 99 miles )

Enfini’s Studio =>Home( 42 miles )

I seem to be some trader… actually it took 6 hours and a half to drive…. oh, same as my usually sleeping time☆


Me and Sönke went to Enfini’s studio to pick my guitar up before go to Osaka.


That was my first time to get a Fanned Fret Guitar! C・O・O・L☆

Don’t you think it looks like mosrite….?

mosrite is :

He made my guitar fashionable also where usually it can’t be seen, and it’s so nice!

Yes, I know.

I will have to be popular because I also care about the fashion where its not visible usually…

I saw it on the magazine.

Sönke also liked this guitar^ ^

If you want to listen to this sound, go ahead!

Well well…..

It seems to be too long again, so I need to write the next story in other post!

Next, ‘ Sönke finally ate Japanese food’

To be continued to vol.3 …. 🙂

Asia Tour of okapi and Soenke vol.1

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