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Hi there, this is okapi who plays guitar, not the animal.

As I posted to SNS sometimes,

a guitarist from Germany had been Japan from May 10th to 21st, to play a tour with me. and his name is Sönke Meinen!!

It was an awesome tour. There were a lot of trouble, a lot of funny things, a lot of kindness of people as well.

I will write about our tour!

Introduction – here is the background story

I will tell you about the story from the start, here is how we got to know each other.

in 2016, I made a decision.

“I will definitely go to have performance in Germany, absolutely, for sure.”

I made this decision from that I had some frustrated experience, but I will tell this story some other day haha

Several weeks later when I made that decision, I had an opportunity to go to Europe to have a performance, it was in Poland.

I thought…..

” …….Neighboring Country……. “

Just so that you don’t misunderstand, I was sooooo happy that this happened, because it was my first opportunity of having a concert in Europe!

I decided that I will take care of this fate. And I did my best for this performance and made friendship with people in Poland. I love Poland 🙂

Then, I met Michał, who is organized my concert in Poland, and we made really good friendship!

By the way, this photo was taken when I went to Poland, with Michał (center), and Daniel Padim (right: from Brazil)

As you see,  he is really cool guy. He has tattoos tightly LOL

Well, here I told you til 2016. a year before I met Sönke.

It was at our China tour in July 2017 when I met him for the first time.

I wrote about those days in another post, so please read that if you didn’t read it yet. ->

This is an unforgettable scene that we had stage together in China 🙂

I still remember clearly the time we met together first time. I said ‘Nice to meet you!’ Then he said:

‘ Nice to meet you, too! Actually I already know you. ‘

I was so surprised, and I asked him why he knew me. So he said:

‘ Do you know Michał? He is an organizer in Poland and I know that you performed at the festival he organized last year, didn’t you? And I performed at his festival this year. ‘

And he continued:

‘ Michał introduced you to me ” he(okapi) is an amazing guitarist from Japan” and Michał showed me a your video of your concert. Then I really looked forward to meet you. ‘


I love you two! LOL

I am sorry if the words weren’t collect even though I said ‘ I still remember clearly ‘ haha

But I was so surprised for that ,

that was the start of relationship for us, and we made great friendship, then we decided to invite each other to each countries! This is why our tour came true! ( and I will go to Germany in the end of August! )

I realized that it’s really important to take care for every things, and make friendships.

Well! Here goes main part! Let’s go!

10th, May

Yes, we started from this date.

I went to Haneda Airport in the morning with something like butterflies in my stomach.( many many butterflies )

I found flight information from Munich.

To be honest, I didn’t understand that I had invited guitarist from Germany till this moment. LOL

I couldn’t realize until I saw this information………haha

For now, I will write my appearance with use that things, the things you saw in my post for China tour.

(I feel a lot of butterflies in my stomach…)

(10 minutes later….)

(Butterflies got increased….)

How sick….. did I invite him truly..??

(20 minutes later….)

…. How sick …..(already my vocabulary was broken)

(30 minutes later….)

How can I do this…. too much nervous, I’m getting to want to go home

(40 minutes later….)

OK, let’s go hom….

He came!!!!

finally, he arrived!!

To be honest, I wanted to take a photo of his appearance first time to land to Japan, but I still waited for long time so I couldn’t react quickly enough. Then I only have this photo that you cannot understand who is this guy hahaha.

But I like this anyway, haha

Heeeey! okapi! long time no see! Finally I am here!!

Long time no seeeeee! welcome to Japaaaan! (I am so sorry that I thought ‘I want to go home’ )

I had been very excited to come to Japan! Finally!!

(How beautiful eyes like boy he has….)

Actually, he sent me a photo like this before boarding:

Couldn’t help but laughing very hard. LOL

because of I saw his excited face, I gave up to say to him ‘ Panda is symbol for China! ‘ .

OK, it seems to be very long, that’s all for this time.

Do you think ‘ Hey, you didn’t even start writing about the tour ‘ ?


It was long story, so please look forward to read our story of this tour☆

to be continued for vol.2 …… 🙂

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